Private Tours to The 12 Apostles and The Shipwreck Coast

We are the only tour company that goes beyond the 12 Apostles, as we follow, The Shipwreck Coast as far as The Bay of Islands as part of a standard tour

 Because there are many more Limestone Pillars on The Shipwreck Coast*, we believe, some even more spectacular than the 12 Apostles, we now give people the opportunity to see them as well. We travel a much quicker road. We leave Geelong at the same time, 8.00am and arrive at the 12 Apostles before 11 am.

 The 12 Apostles now becomes the start of the experience and not the end. From there we travel to other iconic names, such as London Bridge, The Grotto, Bay of Martyrs and so on. You still have the same opportunities to walk onto viewing platforms and onto beaches. 

*The Shipwreck Coast is generally regarded as starting at the 12 Apostles and stretching to The Bay of Islands.

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> On this tour we have an 8 am pick up in Geelong, and drive straight to the 12 Apostles car park, arriving at 10 am. On the way there we will have a bathroom break in Colac and a chance to grab a coffee for those that want it.

> Once we arrive at the car park, we begin our discovery of The Shipwreck Coast. After checking out the 12 Apostles we travel to The Loch Ard Gorge.

> From there, it’s a 20-minute drive to London Bridge. Then, just a short hop to The Grotto. This really is quite spectacular.

> By now we would be thinking about having something to eat. A stop at the General Store in Peterborough that have a good range of hot and cold food to keep you going.

> After lunch we will take a short drive to the Bay of Martyrs and a chance to walk down to the beach. And there is every possibility you could have the whole beach to yourselves.

> Our final stop on The Shipwreck Coast is the Bay of Islands. This is possibly the most spectacular vista on the entire coast. 

> Since this region is one of Australia’s best known Dairy producing areas, we will call into a local Ice Creamery and Café for something yummy before setting off back to Geelong.

> Drop off by 5 pm.

$395.00. (1 or 2 people)

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A little taste of Shipwreck Coast

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